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At ARC we have committed ourselves to listening deeply for the heart of each person, for the overarching culture of the system with which we are working and most importantly, for God’s leading in whatever situation we are in.  For us, this means that each ARC associate be engaged in a life of prayer.  It is also means that we enter each situation with our hearts and ears open.  Because of our listening we have also learned that there are no standardized approaches to resolving conflict or nurturing changes.  Each system is different with its own unique story and challenges.  Our job is to discover together with you the way forward that makes sense for you and your community.

When you call on ARC, you are asking us to be a resource for you.  We commit to leading with courage and honesty recognizing that while we will sometimes be leading you into hard conversations, we will do so with a spirit of grace and humility.


Our coaches give pastors new ways to think about their work, the ways they perform it and the ways their ministry is received. Together with their ARC coach, pastors can develop strategies for enhancing and re-grounding their ministry. As well, ARC can provide support to leaders when a church is in conflict or seeking new direction.

Conflict Resolution

ARC associates offer conflict resolution processes such as mediation, discernment and facilitated dialogues for individuals, groups and congregations. As part of that work, we can design a process to help your group approach and resolve conflict.  We create safe environments in which to explore issues and have courageous conversations, and can help you or your congregation work toward growth and healing.


Our ARC associates can facilitate the large group conversations that occur in your congregation or organization.  We can help in any number of ways as you work through a renewal process, discuss challenging topics or face a difficult congregational meeting.  The presence of an experienced facilitator enables the congregation and its leaders to participate comfortably and freely in a wide range of discussions.

Research and Writing

ARC associates are engaged in reflection, research and writing on topics related to congregational health, the theology of conflict and leadership development.  We hope to support you by providing access to these written resources on this site.


Our associates can help leaders with strategic planning, program evaluation, visioning and understanding their congregational system. We help leaders and congregations discern and develop appropriate approaches for addressing their current and future needs.

Preaching and Adult Education

ARC associates are qualified and available to lead Sunday worship for adults and for children and youth on an interim basis.

Church Renewal

Our associates journey alongside your congregation as you seek God’s voice in creating a revival in your church.  With our church renewal processes, we’re not simply looking to put more people in the pews, but also to deepen the spiritual life of the church.

Workshops and Training

Associates at ARC are experienced at leading workshops on themes designed to enhance the health of your organization and the strength of your leadership.  Custom-designed workshops are prepared for your needs, and most often draw from existing ARC workshops with an emphasis on your group’s dynamics and goals.

Healing Circles

We assist churches that are going through a time of pain or grief by facilitating circles that enable congregants to heal.

From the beginning our intention has been to approach our work from a place of profound spiritual leadership.  We are not simply drawing on a learned skillset, but leading from a deeper place.  We draw on a deeper source – God’s profound presence – and invite the church to go there as well. 

ARC leads people to spiritual growth through the lens of conflict management, church renewal or other issues.  We regularly ask our clients: “How are you listening for God?”.

All of our services are custom-tailored to your congregation.  As such, each contract and process look a little different, though the framework typically starts with a discussion, moves towards design, and then implementation.

Discussion around your needs and wants for the desired project, your potential milestones and end goals that you are hoping to achieve and your budget for the project.

We work with you to understand your organization and it’s culture so that we can design a process specifically for you.

We implement the process and monitor the success of the project through regular communication with you.