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Join Us In Celebrating Some Exciting News!

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We want to share some exciting ARC news with you!  As some of you know, ARC’s official launch was in September 2006.  Now, with our tenth anniversary at our doorstep, we are making a few changes to recognise our growth as an organization and a team.

Even before our beginning, members of our team received numerous requests to offer consulting services for businesses, not-for-profits and public sector workplaces.  As we were able, each of us accepted these requests under our own personal consulting businesses, in addition to the work we were doing through ARC.  We believe the time has now come to bring all of what we do under one roof.  And so we have launched a new “roof” – the L3 Group – under which ARC and our business consulting work will each have a place to flourish.  You can imagine it this way:

You might recognise where the name “The L3 Group” comes from.  Our core values at ARC are Love, Listen, Lead.  We remain so committed to these core values we have cemented them into our name.  We also remain deeply committed to serving the church and to being thought leaders with respect to nurturing the health of the church in the 21st Century context.  In fact, our mission has been so successful in defining what we do and who we are, we want to extend that mission to how we serve the world.

Some of the websites to showcase our new structure are still under construction.  Nonetheless, we encourage you to view the various web platforms that we use to share our work:

You can also see the training program we jointly host withConrad Grebel University College.

To support our new structure, we have also changed our leadership model.  Rather than having one Executive Director to oversee these programs, we have shifted our model to one with four Managing Partners.  We are thrilled that our new model will allow each of us to maintain a robust client base while still serving the needs of our organization.  And so, (drum roll, please), here is our new Management Team:

Betty PriesBetty Pries – Managing Partner for Team Leadership and Client Relationships

Keith RegehrKeith Regehr  – Managing Partner for Finance and Administration

Marg Van Herk-ParadisMarg Van Herk-Paradis – Managing Partner for Workshop Adminstration and Partnerships

Jason DykstraJason Dykstra – Managing Partner for Communication and Marketing


We invite you to join us in celebrating ARC’s tenth anniversary and all of the changes this year brings with it!  We thank you for being on our ARC mailing list and we’d invite you to consider joining our Thriving Workplaces list as well!  Thanks for reading our blogs, taking our workshops and promoting our services!

With gratitude and joy,

Betty Pries, Keith Regehr, Marg Van Herk-Paradis, and Jason Dykstra

The L3 Group Team

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