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Practicing Forgiveness, Holding Boundaries

Several months ago, a friend asked me how one goes about practicing forgiveness with respect to someone who persists in crossing relational boundaries, making unkind remarks, refusing to take responsibility

What Are We Here For?

What’s the purpose of the church? Is it well-ordered worship or support for the needy? Is it caring for seniors or providing programmes for children and youth? Should our priority

Where Are You Leading From?

Where do you lead from?  The comedian Michael Jr. sometimes takes a break from doing his stand-up routine and talks with the audience.  Once, he was chatting with a music

To You, With a Word of Thanks

This last weekend ARC celebrated 10 years of dreaming, 9 years of being in the business, 5 current Board Members, 3 “retired” board members, 5 Principal Associates, 5 Occasional Associates,

The Need For The Other

If one were to pull back the layers of any conflict as far back as were possible, at some point one would land on the question:  Why do we engage

How Does Disagreement Turn Into Conflict?

For years I have asked students and workshop participants to define conflict for me. While I have heard a great variety of definitions emerging from a wide range of contexts, at

Practicing Humility

One of the things I find fascinating about living here in Germany while on Sabbatical is the daily experience of humility that I encounter.  Let me explain:  While I speak

Graveyards and Broken Dreams

Here in Germany people tend to their graveyards with tremendous care. They are beautiful places, each grave adorned with beautiful plantings of flowers. In our local graveyard it is rare

Wounds and Reconciliation

There is an image from my recent travels that is burned in my mind that I find so poignant, my mind returns to it again and again. What you are

The One Thing You Need To Know About Social Media For Your Church

The other week I heard a conversation between two members of a church council:  ] Person A: “Have we considered getting on this Facebook thing? My niece was telling me