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Learning to Love

  16.12.2016   Keith Regehr   church, Love   No comments

It was one of the more difficult seasons of work I had had for some time. I was working with clients that I found challenging. Whether it was because they

Two Distinguishing Values Every Congregation Needs

  5.08.2016   Keith Regehr   church   No comments

In 2004 I was chairing the Pastoral Search Committee in my congregation. In each interview we asked the potential candidate what they saw as the first tasks once they started.

Carrying the Pain: A Mediator’s Journey

  25.05.2016   Keith Regehr   church, Shame   No comments

I remember lying on my bed, imagining myself in a fetal position, caught by the pain of the minister who was beginning to see the need to leave the church

4 Simple Questions for New Beginnings

Being Mortal, a recent book by Atul Gawande, is an important exploration of the realities we face as we near the end of life. While the first half offers insight

Changing The Culture of a Congregation

Even though it happened over 20 years ago I often find myself turning over in my mind a conflict resolution process I was part of when I lived with my

When Your Church Experiences Trauma

  21.05.2014   Keith Regehr   church   No comments

In the early 1990s I went with my family to Lesotho for four years on a Mennonite Central Committee assignment. The small church based resource centre where I spent my