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Peeling Back the Mask

Have you ever watched the show Desperate Housewives? The premise of the show (and many others like it) is a group of individuals that live in the same neighborhood, where

Join Us In Celebrating Some Exciting News!

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We want to share some exciting ARC news with you!  As some of you know, ARC’s official launch was in September 2006.  Now, with our tenth anniversary at our doorstep,

What Are We Here For?

What’s the purpose of the church? Is it well-ordered worship or support for the needy? Is it caring for seniors or providing programmes for children and youth? Should our priority

Where Are You Leading From?

Where do you lead from?  The comedian Michael Jr. sometimes takes a break from doing his stand-up routine and talks with the audience.  Once, he was chatting with a music

The One Thing You Need To Know About Social Media For Your Church

The other week I heard a conversation between two members of a church council:  ] Person A: “Have we considered getting on this Facebook thing? My niece was telling me

A Conversation with Rachel Held Evans

Recently, I had the opportunity to receive a copy of Rachel Held Evans new book Searching for Sunday and take part in her official book release.  I received an advance copy,

How Are You Serving Those You Lead?

How do you seek to serve those you lead? This is a question that we are constantly evaluating here at ARC and we regularly invite those we work with to

The Quest For The Golden Years

Every so often I enter a congregation that is in grief and sorrow about their current state.  Membership and financial giving has started to decline, their programs aren’t as robust

Are Canadians Done With The Bible

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Are Canadians Done With The Bible? from Bible Engagement on Vimeo. In a society that has changed significantly in the past few decades, it probably shouldn’t be a surprise to