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Kathryn SmithKathryn offers leadership to congregations through mediation, facilitation of congregational meetings and training in conflict resolution.  As well, she can provide guidance with effective personnel practices and the development of  workshops and resources. Her passion is for assisting and transforming the spiritual, structural and human resources within churches. 

Kathryn is an ordained minister with Canadian Baptists of Ontario and Quebec and a graduate of the Certificate in Conflict Management and Congregational Leadership offered at Conrad Grebel University College, affiliated with the University of Waterloo.

“We yearn to be loved and heard –really heard.  Loved fully, listened to deeply and led with courage and care, we become individuals and communities that grow better, stronger, more able to meet our mission.  When there’s a gap between where we are and where we want to be, often we find one of these core essentials is missing. That’s why it is gratifying to be aligned with a group of associates that engage Love, Listen and Lead as trusted pillars for rippling transformation.  As I enter my work as an ARC Associate, I strive to Love, Listen and Lead with God’s Spirit as my guide.  I prayerfully speak these words as I enter conversations and meetings and I seek to call forth these same essentials in other leaders when I have the honour of joining with them and moving through the gap, to create a preferred future.”