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Betty PriesBetty has more than 20 years of experience coaching, mediating, training and consulting in the areas of conflict resolution and change.

Betty’s work with churches and church organizations is guided by her desire to enhance their spiritual and organizational health, and strengthen the capacities of leadership to discern a way forward.  Betty’s unique gift is to help organizations listen for God’s leading in this work.

As the Executive Director of ARC, Betty is responsible for ARC’s administrative operations, the mentoring and development of ARC’s associates, and the implementation of strategy and Board direction. As well, Betty writes and publishes on topics related to conflict and change in the church.

Betty is one of ARC’s founders, and is an active member of Waterloo North Mennonite Church in Waterloo Ontario.

” One of our key practices is to love the people we are leading…  We know that we change because God loves us, not in order to win God’s love.  We also know that the more we judge another person, the more that person will resist us.  The psychologist B.F. Skinner talks about this as unconditional positive regard.  What Skinner knew and what ARC has likewise discovered, is that the more we accept people, groups and congregations as they are, the more that real and lasting change can actually happen.  It is counter-intuitive!  And it is one of the principles that provides me personally and ARC generally with so much joy.  At the very heart of our work is the opportunity to love people as they are.  Period.

Of course, there is also more.  At ARC, we have committed ourselves to listening deeply for the heart of each person, for the overarching culture of the system with which we are working and most importantly for God’s leading in whatever situation we are in.  For us, this means that each ARC associate be engaged in a life of prayer.  It is also means that we enter each situation with our hearts and ears open.  Because of our listening we have also learned that there are no cookie-cutter approaches to resolving conflict or nurturing changes.  Each system is different with its own unique story and challenges.  Our job is to discover together with you the way forward that makes sense for you and your community.

When you call on ARC, you are asking us to be a resource for you.  We commit to leading with courage and honesty recognizing that while we will sometimes be leading you into hard conversations, we will do so with a spirit of grace and humility.